Action group purpose; Organisations that will develop and provide a commitment to the fulfilling the published Solent SE Zone Aims.

The 2017-18 aims are;


Aim 1 To create, lead and sustain a coherent focus for social enterprise stakeholders and stakeholders in other sectors  

Aim 2 To create a unique and strong identity, a sector marketing, trading platform presence and accessible mapping

Aim 3 To develop the capacity of the sector and partnership working with the private, public and volutary sector

Aim 4 To increase the level of contracts, commissions, financial, in kind and volunteer investment in the sector

The groujp meeting up to 6 times a year to feedback on their progress with their commitment and co-operating to produce new and measurable Aims and meet with Supporter Stakeholders twice a year.

Current Action grojup: Social Enterprise Link, Community Empowerment, Cooperative Assistance Network, Cooperantics, Social Care in Action, Wheatsheaf Trust, Solent University.

You might want to be involved because the Action Group will;

Help identify and support the development needs of social enterprises in the Solent area

Improve your profile as a Social Economy Enterprise development practioner

Help open doors to and discover new funding streams for your organsiation and other social Economy Enterprises

Co-lead the creation of a meaningful report on the social economy in the Solent area

Help Consortia development and local community liaison which will stengthen the local economy and employment opportunities Maximise the benefit of specialist leadership and support for social enterprise projects

Highlight your own and the Sectors public profile


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Social Enterprise Link (Wessex) Cooperative CIC is business development and network organisation.

Registered address: 90 Locksway Road Southsea PO4 8JP

Website; Registered Company number 07715180

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