We think it is hard to find products and services provided by social enterprises unless you know the organisation that provides it, their address or some key search engine entries; do you find it hard?

Social Enterprise UK has a Buy Social website and campaign.

Social Enterprise Link has weblinks to our services and our members websites with summary of their offer & the Zone has a Solent Buy Social website.

But we know more can be done.

We’re proposing to create an on-line opportunities platform that will help link organisations, projects and individuals, and promote business, collaboration and sign up opportunities for social enterprises in central southern England (Wessex). We would expect it to be top of any search engine enquiry with key words for organisations and products in your area. And we'd like to find out what you think, and what would work best for you!

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Its a big subject and we expect it to undergo a couple of development phases and on-line is not the only way. However, as an online service, here are some examples of the headings we are considering for the platform;

  • SE Employment opportunities - a recruitment tool for organisations and a place for people to find work and work experience
  • SE Health, Care and other Commissioning opportunities - a service for Commissioners and social enterprises (including consortia)
  • SE Retail - on-line shopping and sign posting providers
  • SE Education and Training - Universities, colleges, local skills and training providers and the opportunities they offer

We include social, cooperative, community, trading charity and mutual enterprises and supporter organisations as appropriate to register on the Platform.

We expect to charge a reduced rate to members of Social Enterprise Link and a full rate to organisations that are not members.

We’d like your views on what would work for you. Please take five minutes and click here to complete our  survey, and encourage friends and colleagues to do the same, to help us nurture social opportunities and build opportunities in the south. This is not the real call to action. It is an example call to action.


Proceed to the survey

Proceed to the survey...





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